Our services


Newsmaking and PR

Our core strength and primary goal is simply to position our clients, together with their products and services, as effectively and optimally as possible in the media. A healthy dose of creativity, an extensive network of relationships in the media world, and finely honed writing skills are the tools that enable us to get the job done. If you decide to work with Koolhoven & Partners, you can expect Dutch news consumers to become quite familiar, over the long term, with your business, products, and message via the printed media, Internet, radio and TV.

Enlivening the news

News is being distributed in many more ways than on paper alone, and this requires a multi-layered approach. Whenever possible, we enliven news stories about our clients with infographics, photos, and videos. An infographic can make dry statistics come alive and can also be easily shared via social media. The same is true of videos. At the client’s request, we can produce interesting videos to sharpen the public’s focus on the news topic at hand and make it easier to share it with others.

Corporate communication

What does your company or organization stand for? What is your focus, and how do you want to be seen by your clients? An effective media policy is a critical ingredient for commercial success. Such a policy must be transparent and consistent. We think along with our clients, provide guidance when necessary, and translate/interpret messages when relevant. We make sure that your communications actually get the attention of journalists and are understood by them, regardless of whether it’s a press release, an annual report, or a text for a website or brochure.

Crisis communication

Whether it’s a chlorine gas explosion in a jam-packed wave pool or a Friday afternoon raid by the anti-fraud squad, quickly followed by a telephone call from the reporter for the national daily De Telegraaf, asking for a breaking news update, a crisis can easily make or break the reputation and image of your organization. Koolhoven & Partners has professionals with hands-on expertise who speak the language of journalists and who can deploy the necessary expertise and activities in case of a calamity or crisis.

Digital strategy

News is being spread ever more quickly and ever further via social media and online news sites. Context is also becoming more important than ever before. At Koolhoven & Partners, we create interesting and powerful storylines with content that can be easily and intelligently shared with others. Our digital strategies ensure that our clients are also visible online via relevant channels. Our integrated approach to communication focuses on combining the use of printed media with social media, content marketing and 'search' options.

Media training

A media presentation can easily make or break you. To perform effectively in front of the media, you need to prepare yourself thoroughly and avoid the most common journalistic pitfalls. How can you best present yourself to a journalist? What are the relevant DOs and DON’Ts and what should you wear? And how should you respond to questions that you don’t want to answer? Dealing with the media is more of an art than a science, and it’s an art that we mastered a long time ago. But there’s one golden rule that we can already reveal to you: drink in moderation, especially with journalists.


A press release is not always the best way to mark a news moment. For important announcements, it can be more effective to organize a media event, a press conference, or a press trip. Koolhoven & Partners has a successful decades-long track record in the Dutch media world, so we know which approach is the most effective from our own past experience. And what’s just as important, we also know what you must avoid doing.


The media landscape is like a galaxy in which every star is sending out its own particular message. We act like a satellite that monitors all the messages being transmitted about your company, your products, and your person, regardless of whether these messages are transmitted via printed media and RTV or Internet and social media. After all, the best way to collect valuable information is to continually monitor relevant communications. If necessary, we can also quickly ‘steer’ the news via hands-on media actions and prepare you for other near-term activities.

Corporate content

We can communicate your personal story or the story of your company via a magazine, brochure, book, or video production, which can then serve to communicate your message to various media, including printed, RTV, and social media. A newsletter is another way to tell your story to business relations, clients, and the media. But in any case, your story must be told briefly, powerfully, and effectively. After all, in today’s world of information overload, nobody is waiting for long and complicated text messages.